If you ever wanted to start your own business (or are already a small business owner), we encourage you to enroll in the innovative Veterans Launching Ventures program. This free ten-week course helps you assess your business ideas and develop them into an action plan to move forward at the conclusion of the program. The VLV program is now being offered to spouses and/or children of U.S. Veterans!

The next 
course will begin in April 2015. Applicants will be contacted for interviews, and a $175 refundable deposit will be required, refunded upon successful completion of the 10 week course.

The Veterans Launching Ventures program is designed to provide the skills and support for Veterans to seize entrepreneurial opportunities and launch and grow small businesses and nonprofits and at the same time help their communities and the regional economy.  It is offered by the nationally recognized Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship, part of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s nationally ranked Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship.

The unique program combines in-person instruction with online education to teach students the fundamental entrepreneurial skills required in today's business environment, as well as the competencies needed to launch a new business in the many steps and activities associated with creating and sustaining a new business or nonprofit organization. A team of experienced faculty will work with you over a 10-week period to introduce you to entrepreneurship fundamentals and show you how to apply them to your current or potential business. During the final two weeks, students will be connected to experienced mentors who will provide additional guidance and advice for ten months after the course ends.

This certificate course will be taught at an undergraduate level. This intensive program will be presented online as well as via audio and video conferencing. It is taught and facilitated by experienced FDU instructors, mentors and entrepreneurs, several of whom are also Veterans.

The program is open to all U.S. Veterans, whether they are currently active duty, discharged, or retired from the military, as well as their spouse(s) and children. The $2,000 tuition fee is being waived due to generous support from The Walmart Foundation, TD Bank, the Provident Bank Foundation, the Military and Veterans Appreciation Trust (MVAT) Foundation, American Legion Post 43 and the Silberman College of Business at FDU.

Recent highlights: On
 October 23, 2013, special guest speaker Mark Clouse, Vice President of Mondelez North America (formerly Kraft) and U.S. Veteran, shared his lessons learned and the value of being a U.S. Veteran in the workforce, at our eighth cohort at FDU's Florham Campus.


“It was beneficial for me to see other ideas presented and to be able to listen to those presenters to understand how they view their plan and approach. The mentor/instructor feedback was also very valuable for me as it helped to reinforce areas that I recognized as weak in my own plan. I was also able to leverage the experiences of others. To me, there is no greater value than gathering the hands-on experience of others.” - Allen Z.
"I really got a lot out of the program and thank you for all your efforts in making the program a success for all of us. Not having any idea what it takes to start a business, this has been a great workshop for someone like me to put all my questions and fears to rest with action plans for success. This course has been invaluable to me." - Ron R.
“All of the instructors genuinely cared about each person's progress and gave candid comments that will help us all out in the long run. I was very impressed with the expertise and guidance offered by successful entrepreneurs. Without experienced instructors like these who want to help Veterans like me, I don't think I would have ever taken this opportunity to learn about starting and growing a business.” - Garth D.

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Inspiration is not something you can buy or trade.” - Sam W.
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 - Matt F.